There’s lot of rubbish on Youtube. But from time to time you find precious things like Chetreo’s remixes of all 3 Lord of the Rings remixes. It must have taken so damn long to cut everything that beautifully together. It is not only a rough montage of every movie. Each video is an outstanding piece of music using sounds the population of Middle-Earth makes while conquering our hearts. Howard Shore‘s amazing soundtrack becomes almost a side note.

After watching the three videos you’ve lived through all the memorable moments of these three timeless creations by Peter Jackson. Chetreo manages to get you from a quite happy mood in the first remix over the second part to a third part leaving you behind with all the bittersweet memories The Lord of the Rings creates.

The second part is our favorite of those three masterpieces. It combines the merry parts J.R.R. Tolkien describes perfectly with the cheerless and sad parts. Therefore it’s the perfect bridge between the happier first part and the last part of the mix where it’s time to say goodbye not only to all the lovely characters but also to Chetreo’s outstanding mix. Time to enjoy it now 🙂

The Two Towers (LOTR Remix 2 of 3)

And here’s a playlist on our Youtube channel where you can watch all 3 remixes together 🙂

The Fellowship of the Ring (LOTR Remix 1 of 3)

You’ll find chetreo on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and of course Youtube!

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