Today we can check out the new video for “One Truth” by Globus (the “Rockband-Version” of Immediate Music founded also by Yoav Goren and Jeffrey Fayman.)
What do you think about Globus? Do you like it? Do you still prefer Immediate Music? Do you e.g. think Immediate has become too mainstream with Globus or is it simply a good way to catch a broader audience to make also Immediate Music and trailer Music in general more popular?

I’d really like to read some of your opinions because I’d say that especially if you’re a big fan of “old-school” trailer music it’s kinda difficult to let the new sound grow on you.
I, for one, really like the idea of mixing the Trailer genre with rock music on one side. When I listen to some tracks like “The Promise” it’s indeed a new sound I haven’t experienced before and this is why I’m really looking forward to their next steps. I like the changes between their first album “epicon” and their second “Break from this world” because it seems like they were risking a bit more to give the basic tracks of Immediate Music a totally different sound. “Epicon” seemed to me as if they took the Immediate tracks, chose a singer and maybe some parts of a band and than they had the new sound they wanted. All I wanne say is that in “BftW” they noodle around a bit more. I like that and I’m glad that I bought “Epicon” as well as “BftW” because there are lots of parts within the tracks which are outstanding and unique.

On the other hand some songs like “Wyatt Earth” disappointed me deeply because “Wyatt’s Torch” is already perfect in my ears – if I might say so – and I’m a big fan of this track. So there wasn’t a big chance of NOT getting disappointed by a new version and I think this is the most difficult part for Goren and Fayman: They have to find a sound which doesn’t chase away the old Immediate fans and still reaches people who haven’t heard of Immediate Music before (yeah, I know it’s hard to imagine.)

But this is why I’m glad that they founded Globus. It’s a huge chance to make even more out of the beautiful tracks by Immediate Music and I’m sure that they will definitely satisfy both – the newbies and the oldies.

So thank you that you’re still reading 😀 Now it’s your turn: How do you feel about Globus? 🙂

Here it is now finally – the life recording of Globus’ “My truth”

"One Truth" Live in the Studio Version – Globus – Studio Live 2012

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