Speaking of guitars used in Trailer Music, here’s one of the greatest tracks ever made (‘Serenata’ by Immediate Music) in its “new” version from Trailerhead by Immediate: “Serenata Immortale”. To make the serenade and the track around it even more immortal the founders of Immediate Music, Yoav Goren and Jeffrey Fayman, added a guitar solo to the industry release’s version which underlines the melody perfectly and gives it even a bigger bunch of power.

Immediate is by the way the project name for Immediate Music’s releases to the public. Thanks to that normal people like you and I can enjoy their outstanding music now and put some epicness into our shelves. You can purchase “Trailerhead” here via Amazon.

Have a nice day!

Posted by Peter F. Ebbinghaus

Based in Berlin, Germany. Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief. Music Producer at Eon Sounds Productions. Founder of Composers for Relief. Keeps Moving.

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