Somebody needs your help! Yesterday I received a new track by Reynald Frisson. He is a french composer and founder of Twin Scoring Studio making trailer music for France and several foreign countries.

In in the end it’s IMO a bit too much. But I still really like it because of the great build-up and the guitars are only a tiny side note. Anyways the track is still great. So thanks again for sharing, Reynald and Twin Scoring Studio.

Here’s what Facebook user and composer Alopex Lagopus wrote about this piece on our Facebook Page:

Yeah, awesome track! Der Aufbau und das Crescendo sind toll und auch die ungewohnte Gitarre fügt sich wunderbar ein. Richtig beeindruckt war ich dann, als ich sah, dass das Stück mit Software gesetzt wurde. Das habe ich nicht hören können und da ich aus eigener Erfahrung weiß, wie schwierig das Schreiben eines Stückes mittels Programmen ist, meinen allergrößten Respekt! Great Job!

And here’s the entire translation for everone who doesn’t speak German:

The composition and the crescendo are great and also the unfamiliar guitar fits perfectly. It impressed him deeply that the track is arranged using a software. He couldn’t hear that at all and because he experienced himself how difficult it is writing a piece of music with the aid of programms, you (Reynald Frisson and Twin Scoring Studio in general) deserve his biggest respect!

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