This is a true masterpiece. Built on different Haiku describing the changing seasons on one side and on the other side the cycle of life. “Madokara Mieru” is a perfect example for Christopher Tin’s affection to different (often rarely spoken) languages in each of his pieces. He always seems to look for the right sound languages can add to his tracks to complete them.

You can listen to it on his or on Grooveshark:

Christopher Tin – Mado Kara Mieru (Lyric Video with Translations)

Here you’ll find the lyrics on his blog which are definitely worth reading (including a translation):

madokara mieru
(kagayaku) ume ichirin
ichirin hodo no
(sono) atatakasa

madokara mieru
(mabushii) me ni wa aoba
yama hototogisu
(aa) hatsugatsuo

madokara mieru
(sawayaka) akikaze no
yama o mawaru ya
(ano) kane no koe

ikubaku ka aru
[yo mijikashi]

madokara mieru
(hieta) yuki no ie ni
nete iru to omou
(nete) bakari nite

madokara mieru
(tanoshi) ichihatsu no
ichirin shiroshi
(kono) haru no kure

And in English:

Hattori Ransetsu:
Through the window I see
on the plum tree
one blossom, one blossom worth
of warmth

Yamaguchi Sodo:
Through the window I see
a view of greenery
a wild cuckoo
the first bonito

Kaga no Chiyo:
Through the window I see
the autumn wind
resounds in the mountain—
temple bell

Masaoka Shiki:
how much longer
is my life?
[A brief night…]

Masaoka Shiki:
Through the window I see
all I can think of
is being sick in bed
and snowbound….

Masaoka Shiki:
Through the window I see
this lone iris
in spring twilight

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