That would be soooooooo incredibly fantastic that I won’t write here anything else about but will let you read what they wrote about the project on I simply underlined the most important (and most awesome!) parts fo you:

The “Filmharmonie Frankfurt” presents the famous trailer music of Two Steps From Hell” in Concert.

A one-of-a-kind-expierence for all fans of epic, cinematic scores: a big sounding orchestra and choir, energy loaded drums, percussions, guitars, vocals and synths.

If you like Hans Zimmer, you will love “Two Steps From Hell”!


What is this project all about?

Performed by a 100 piece orchestra and choir, featuring a professional rock band with a lot percussion and electronics, we – the “Filmharmonie Frankfurt” – want to make the dream real and bring the music of “Two Steps From Hell” to the stage.

“Two Steps From Hell”, the most famous company for trailer music, was founded by Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix. They have been featured in hundred of movies including some of the biggest blockbusters, they have been charting in the top ten in the iTunes Classical section for over 2 years and now their music was played even as the official player entrance song at the Olympics and the European Football Championship 2012.

What are the goals and who is this project for?

Our aim is to organize a complete Concert Series that will run through different countries and several continents. The premiere will take place in March 2013 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, where the “Filmharmonie Frankfurt” is based.

This project is intended for all fans of “Hans Zimmer”-like, epic, orchestral film- and trailer music.

Why should you support this project?

I didn’t copy this part because it should be obvious!


What will we do with the fundings?

The money goes into all the unavoidable costs of a concert event, including the rent of the concert hall, transportations, equipment, trips to the location, stays on location, etc…

After the successful financing of the project via the crowdfunding platform “Startnext” we will analyze the statistics of the home countries our fans and supporters come from. After the premiere in Germany the next concerts will take place in the countries with the highest participation.

Who are the persons behind this project?

The young, professional film- and studio orchestra of the “Filmharmonie Frankfurt” was founded by composer & keyboarder Patrik Pietschmann, to realize high-quality recordings and concerts in the fields of film and media. It is based in Frankfurt/Main at the University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt.

The Team consists of highly talented, professional musicians, singers and technicians coming from several colleges of music from Frankfurt/Main and environment.

Edited on 11/14/12:

Dear trailer music fans,

First of all we would like to thank all those who supported us in our plans to bring the music of “Two Steps from Hell” to the stage!

Since today it is official that Thomas + Nick organize an own concert of their music. The world premiere of the original will take place on 14 June 2013 in the Disney Hall in Los Angeles! We are happy for all fans of 2SFH that this dream has finally come true.cancel our current crowdfunding campaign, so all our previous supporters have the opportunity to use their money for the original in LA. Possibly our contact to Nick + Thomas was the trigger for the original world premiere, so we think that our campaign is already connected with a win for all 2SFH fans.

Nevertheless, we continue to work on our own trailer music concerts. Informations about the first concert in Germany will soon be on our Facebook page, on or

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