Big news ahead! We just finished two interviews with two very talented young composers within the last days which will be published together with the launch of our blog next week (speaking back then about our old tumblr blog)!

The first composer is Franck Barré aka lazzaro music and some of you might know him already. Here’s one track of his Soundtrack setlist for you and it really is my absolute favorite of Franck’s work. It simply transfers so incredibly many emotions and as soon as it starts it takes you directly to Another Land! In addition to the interview we will also tell you how good his Soundtracks and Trailer Music really is!

Update on April 10th:
Let’s celebrate 401 Likes on Facebook and 399 Followers on Twitter (together it’s 800 so that’s a good number to celebrate 😉 )!

Sent to us by composer Franck Barré we uploaded “Another Land”, representing the last incentive to open our Tumblr blog back then, trying to promote upcoming composers even better and to say thank you to all the great people we got to know since then! Thanks for your music, thanks for your words and thanks for the huge load of inspiration every day!

You’ll find Franck Barré’s aka lazzaro music’s soundcloud here.

Franck Barré (lazzaro music) – Another Land

"Drakonia" by Kraim Fakhoury

“Drakonia” by Kraim Fakhoury

The stunning artwork is “Drakonia” by ­Karim Fakhoury and you can have a closer look here. It’s a bit more blue than the original though 🙂

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