We’re always in search of new epic music. So it’s not suprising that we stumbled across park0urfreak’s “Epic Trailer Music Channel” several times. 4 years on youtube now, he has a fellowship of 30.000 epic-music junkies since today and almost 24.000.000 hits on his videos. We wanted to know who’s the guy behind all that epicness.

“Immortals” by Novem Music is his last upload and here is our interview to celebrate the 30.000 subscribers, which show that Trailer Music has a much bigger fanbase than most of the people out there would ever guess! Have fun reading and listening to his favorite tracks! (Hier geht’s zum Interview auf Deutsch)

1. Everyone knows you only by your nickname. Tell us a bit about you, where are you from, what do you do for a living, how does a normal day look for you?

My name is Kevin Mantey, I am 19 years old and I am still  a high school student, but I am going to graduate this year. After graduating I will probably do something with design and media. Sports is probably the thing I am best at, but I don’t see myself earning enough money with it. Other than that my hobbies are my friends, watching movies and I am always on the search for new music. Trailer Music plays a big role in my every day life because as soon as I leave the house my earphones go in my ear, I can’t do withoug it. There is nothing more to say about me, Trailer music simply determines my life.

2. Why „park0urfreak“? Do you do parkour yourself?

5 to 6 years ago I started doing parkour with a friend. When we thought we were good enough at it to show our skills to other people we taped some scenes and made a little video. That is why I opened an account „park0urfreak“ because that was my initial intention. Well, after a little while my buddy got injured and the parkour just stopped somehow because he was not motivated anymore and I was not going to do parkour on my own.

3. In your private life, do you have anything to do with epic music?

As I said epic music plays a big role in my life. It is part of my every day life, like eating, sleeping, school etc. I just cannot get enough of it and I am really happy, that I discovered Trailer Music a couple of years ago. I do not know how my life would function without this kind of music in it, I get a good stress relief from it. It keeps me on the ground and helps me to disctract myself.

4. How did your get the idea to develop a Youtube channel only for epic music four years ago?

First I uploaded some parkour footage, which I have deleted by now, plus I have uploaded some other videos like rap music or some clips of the internet. A real plan was not there at the beginning. After some time when I knew more about the trailer music business I thought: how can such a beautiful extraordinary and dramatic music be so underappreciated? So I started uploading a couple of songs to see what happens, if people will like it or if I am the only one interested in it. I did not really have an intention.

5. Tell us a bit about how the whole thing developed.

Continuing the answer to the last question, at the beginning I uploaded a couple of epic tracks to see what the feedback would be. The people liked it so I uploaded more tracks. I did not take it too seriously and just added a song then and then. There were times when I lost my motivation and took a break, but I stayed with it. I got a closer look at the industry so I could upload more different tracks no one knew. However, I uploaded only those songs I liked myself other than some other users who just upload complete catalogues without putting too much thought into it. It was always important to me to have the in my opinion best mix and to find a fitting image for every piece, which can take one to two hours.

6. If you hear the word „epic“, what do you connect with it?

I connect epic with something great, something you can simply not describe that is full of energy. It makes you hope for something more than your daily routine, the things you see or experience. For me personally, this music is what god means to other people. It contains something unbelievable, something inexplicable that gives me motivation and power. If all talking and thinking leaves you without any answers, there is still the music that gives me a good feeling.

7. Do you compose music yourself, do you play any instrument?

Sadly I am not musical at all, so no I do neither play any instruments, nor do I compose it myself. I do not feel the urge to learn it either.

8. Are you surprised how good of a reception your channel gets?

Definitely! I would not have thought that so many people would watch my videos and that I would have almost 30.000 followers. (Note: More than 30.000 since today!) That is why I am taking it much more seriously for some time now. I upload regularly. What really surprised me is that I am in contact with many composers now, some rather unknown musicians but also veterans of the industry. I even get requests for posting their tracks. All in all I am very happy how the whole thing developed and I am really looking forward to what the future holds.

9. Is your intent to make money with your channel in the future?

As I do not own any of the pictures’ or tracks’ licenses there is no opportunity to make money with my channel. It is even possible that companies will report my videos so my channel could get shut down. I already have 2 copyright stikes on my hand. I hope they will not shut my Channel down, that is why I opened a second channel to make sure. My main interest is to make this music more known so that it may be as popular as pop, rock or rap music some day. Of course it would be nice to make money with the music in some way.

10. Which song did you like best so far?

That is hard to say. You may like a track very much for some time but there comes a time when it is overplayed. So from time to time I have different tracks I like best. It started with “Lux Aeterna” by Clint Mansell but there were some tracks I liked a lot like “Pandora” by Immediate Music or a bit more recent “Omega Point” by Mark Petrie.

11. What kind of music do you listen to in your free time?

I used to listen to rap music but that stopped I solely listen to trailer music, it is the best music.

12. Several weeks ago you developed a Facebook fanpage with estonian video editor Rain Ventsel to put out some more news out of the world of trailer music. How did you two meet?

There were and still are a couple of bulletin boards  where people share trailer music. I used to be very active in those. Everyone wanted to post the newest music and the newest tracks not many had yet, you wanted to exchange them for some other new tracks and make contact with other people. You can compare that to pokemon cards in your childhood (laughs) That is how I got to know Rain, we only share music privately now. We do not use the bulletin board anymore.

13. Do you guys already have some bigger projects in your heads together?

Other than to build our new facebook page „Trailer Music World“, to make it bigger and better we do not have yet. We just want to extend the Community but we will see which opportunities the future holds.

14. Will we see you next year in Frankfurt at „ Two Steps from Hell“(Note: Meanwhile the concert planning was put on hold because Two Steps from Hell will perform live in Los Angeles next summer.)

So far I have got no plans to go to this concert even though it would be a great experience to see it live. However right now I do not have anyone to go with but maybe I will find someone until then.

15. Toward the end we would like to know what you do rather like to eat, Passion Fruit or Mango?


16. Is there anything else you want to say?

Yep, I want to thank Soundtracks and Trailer Music for this interview and I like that more and more people support this style of music. Also, a thank you to all my Youtube channel followers, if any of them are reading this and also thank you to the people who follow my Facebook page.

That’s it, now go and join park0urfreak on Youtube and Facebook!

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