You listen to a track. You like it. You start listening again. If you really like it you share the track. You start listening to it every day. It becomes a companion to your every day life. That’s normal when you stumble across a new track of your favorite band – but there’s a small chance that something like that happens when an absolutely unknown person sends you some tracks he recently uploaded.

French composer Franck Barré sent us his stuff several weeks ago and we were so fascinated by his compositions that we decided to open this blog (speaking back than about our old tumblr blog) with a review of his album. But that wasn’t enough for us: We wanted to know who the person behind the tracks really is. Out came an diverting interview which shall be the beginning of a bigger series of dialogues between us and young yet undiscovered componists or persons who are somehow connected to the music business we love the most: Soundtracks and Trailer Music.

But enough of that. Here’s our review of Franck Barré’s album “SOUNDTRACKS”. Initially Pete will start telling you what he thought while listening to the first three tracks of Franck Barré’s Album. Cedric will then describe how he felt about track 4 to 7 and Steve will round it up with the last 4 tracks. We will share the interview within the next days with you, so stay tuned and enjoy reading now!

Track 1 to 3 – Pete fights the evil

Listening to “The meet” and looking and the kitschy picture of the two people in front of a sunset leaves you no other choice than thinking about a loving joking, jumping and screaming around caused through to much hapiness. It sounds like to two of them have to celebrate an event they both are looking forward to. Maybe they’re expecting their first child. Or there favorite football team won. Who knows. But they are happy and that’s what every single string player in Franck’s piece wants to show. (I mean every single bit and byte in his computer who believes being a string player and tricks our hearing that good that we would guess that it’s only made with “LASS” how Franck told us. I definitely would like to hear it recorded by an orchestra!) But then suddenly after 2 minutes of pure joy one of them has to leave. Maybe forever. And that’s how we leave the  track and the tracks leaves us.

“The ultimate battle” sounds like a Trailer Music track how we love it: Strings creating the melody, drums and brass adding the impact and then -finally! – the choir starts quietly after half a minute. Everything building up and up until it breaks down for a sec to just come back with even more power. I’d love to fight the Zombies or what ever will come on December 21st with that song surrounding me. I’d beat them all and safe the earth for sure!

After that heroic moment “Another land” enters my mind and brings me to a much nicer place. Maybe I’m dead now. Or undead, who knows. Anyway: This track is my favorite from his album album. It just brings me away from every single thing I wanted to do when the calmness and beauty of the first seconds enter. The strings at :32 just kill me again and I wonder how often one is able to die. It is my favorite part within my favorite track and the rest is only a little bonbon by the french composer who presented this to us. Only the singer around 2:00 blurs the overall picture a bit because in my opinion it doesn’t fit the melody too well.

Track 4 to 7 – Cedric feels hunted

The track „Teaser“ is a great track for some trailers. It has a great climax which is assisted by the choir, which starts at 0:31. In my opinion this teaser music is perfect for some epic fantasy or mystery/thriller movies!

You can split the track „Ethnic vibrations“ in two parts. In the first 30 seconds it’s a great mixture of african instruments with a choral. This part is on one side really serious but you hear also something like happiness in the voices and sounds. In the second part from 0:33-1:21 the instruments and the choir take a back seat and it begins the „acoustic“ part. This part sounds like a very hopefull part of a soundtrack or trailer perhaps for some projects in Africa or other countries.

„Dramatic theme“! Yeah the title fits the track really good. It’s a very slow and melodic song and it reminds me of some sad or „dramatic“ scenes in movies. So Perhaps someone died or a big disaster was shown.

„Pursuit“, the title also tells you really much about the track. You can imagine really good a pursuit, perhaps over some roofs. This happens in the first minute of this track but then there is a change. Now you hear that the pursuit is over but the person who wants to escape and doesn’t know if he is safe. So you can imagine that he watches around and takes cover. Perhaps you can also hear some drums as an image for his heartbeat. And in the last 20 seconds perhaps there is a new flight or is it a fight? Its your phantasie! Overall it’s a really fast song which is perfect for some pursuits or action scenes. In my opinion it fits very good for every action movie!

Track 8 to 11 – Steve gets clubbed to death

You must like “Warriors of dune” from the right beginning. It’s very intense and has a good start. It reminded me of ‘Gladiator‘ in a way I can’t explain – you know, this womans voice and so on 😀:-D.
I really felt some kind of desert. Then the drums started and I was just stunned. The track has a very high tension and it sounds really majestic. The dynamic within is really good – a track that really touched me. The atmosphere is very intense.

The atmosphere in “Olympic spirit” is from the very beginning very high. I love the strings and of course the choir. It’s changing in an innovative way from men to women – really WOW, great idea. I could imagine the track in a trailer.

“Mystic of the middle-east” reminds me again of some kind of desert and I really like the whispered voice. And the part which is played by the clarinet is really huge.

I expected something completely different, when I listened to “Preparation du plan”. Something like the Ocean’s eleven or Leverage music, but this one is also really good.
From my point of view it’s very similar to the awesome “Clubbing to death” from the Matrix OST but it’s also completely different.


All in all we can say that Franck suprised us with the diversity in his album. One moment you sit there dreaming around because of the beauty of sound. Then sudden impact catches you right before you feel like the greates person in the entire universe.
Thank you Franck!

Posted by Peter F. Ebbinghaus

Based in Berlin, Germany. Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief. Music Producer at Eon Sounds Productions. Founder of Composers for Relief. Keeps Moving.

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Juan Iglesias

I loved “Another Land”. As soon as it finishes, I hit ‘replay’.