Hendric Bünck is 16. He is just at the beginning of his career. And here is our interview. (Hier geht’s zum Interview auf Deutsch.)

1.When did you start to compose your own tracks?

I started to record my own music approximately half a year ago. The idea just came by chance and very sudden.
The years before I wasn’t really involved in music at all.

2. Does the talent for composing run in your family?

I would rather consider my family as non-musical. Only my mother used to sing herself and to write songs. I’d say I got that from her.

3. What would be your biggest wish?

Having my own recording studio and being a professional composer.

4. It is very unusual for someone at your age to compose a hymn for their schools with so much enthousiasm. So seriously, what did they pay you?

Haha, I didn’t see any money at all so far. Also because I didn’t present the hymn to the public yet. I still polish it until it is good enough for me. If they don’t pay me, that is okay. I guess I’ll have a little bonus in the eyes of the teachers anyway 😛

5. What inspires you when you want to compose a new track?

Mmm…difficult question. To be honest I don’t know an answer to that. It just pops up in my head. I sit down and start to work away without thinking about it really. But it seems that people like the result.

6.What do you feel while composing?

Happiness, joy and fun.

7.We read that you’re also into architecture and photography. You seem to be multitalented…!

Yeah, I come from a very creative family. Architecture, painting and photography were always part of our lives. I developed a passion for it as well.

8. Do you want to make a living from being a musician or do you already have other plans?

I’m seriously considering it. That would be a dream come true.

9. How did you get into music and composing?

That was pure coincidence. I sat down at the piano jamming without having learned how to play and really enjoyed it. Even though it was my first contact with the piano, I didn’t just hit the keys like a madman but tried to create something individual and had a lot of fun doing it. At home, I got out the old keyboard, plugged it into my computer and this was when it all started.

10. Your favorite track?

Comptine D’un autre Été l’après Midi by Yann Thiersen.

11. Your favorite composer?

Hans Zimmer. He is definitely a huge idol for me. Also, we have a lot of things in common and I like that a lot. Other artists I like are Ramin Djawai, James Horner and especially Yann Thiersen.

12. Any favorite album in the genre of Trailer Music and Soundtracks?

Definately every album by Two Steps from Hell. Their work’s just amazing.

13. How do the girls like your music?

That depends. Unfortunately, my generation is not very interested in classical music or even movie soundtracks, which I find really sad. So it is generally hard to find someone who listens to that kind of music. But there are some who really like mine. Especially when I composed something especially for them, what I already did several times.

14. Would you rather eat a strawberry or a cherry?

I’ll take the strawberry, please.

15. Last word is yours- is there anything you’d like to say?

A huge thank you to one of my best friends, Christoph Walsleben, who’s helping me a big deal and who’s got a lot of constructive criticism to any of my pieces and writes it down for me. Apart from that, he’s going to be able to record my piece ”La Valse de Lilou” and play it live thanks to his piano experience. I am very grateful for that.

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