i wrote this track, when i became a single father raising up my 8 week old little daughter. one night, i watched an documentary about “warchilds” who have lost one or both of their parents and realized, that even if my girl lost her mother, she will still grow up in a safe place. every time she was sleeping, i went into my studio and worked on this track. you can imagine, that this took a while to get it finished. but sometimes, i had the feeling, that “she” knows what i was trying to do and gave me an extra hour to get it all done.

This is a Promo Blood Diamond-Trailer edited by Rain Ventsel for Ryo Ishido’s “Paramount” which won the Driven Creativity competition this year in the amateur section. Here‘s an interesting interview with Ryo.

You can download the entire track from his soundcloud channel (dreyklang).

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