How great is that? Outstanding production music company Two Steps From Hell uploaded their entire album “Skyworld” composed by Thomas J. Bergersen & Nick Phoenix to their official Youtube channel! You can purchase it now on Itunes, CDBaby and Amazon.

Here’s my favorite which is called “El Dorado” composed by Thomas J. Bergersen. It really could listen to it the whole day. It brings so much power, joy and suspense that you could live from it for an entire week. True epicness starts at 1:32! Enjoy your trip to the legendary El Dorado.

Two Steps From Hell – El Dorado (SkyWorld)

Listen to the 22 of 29 tracks of TSFH’s latest public release on their official Youtube Channel:

Two Steps From Hell – All Is Hell That Ends Well (SkyWorld)

Or listen to the entire album without the short TSFH Youtube Intro via Extreme Music‘s website where the entire catalogue of Two Steps From Hell‘s catalogue is distributed! If you would like to license some of their tracks you should therefore contact Extreme Music 🙂 On EM’s website you’ll find different versions of Two Steps From Hell’s tracks (without choir, …) also!

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