“They talked a lot about how the movie really, in many ways, is a tale of the dwarves, as much as it’s called The Hobbit.” – Neil Finn, performer of “Song of the Lonely Mountain”, speaking about The Hobbit and its soundtrack by Howard Shore which is now finally available thanks to the Rolling Stones magazine.
If you didn’t listen to the soundtrack stream which the Empire magazine uploaded several weeks ago (but which isn’t available anymore), this is now your second chance to get in the right mood for our next journey to Middle-earth 🙂

You might recognize ‘Misty Mountains’ from the first Hobbit trailer (which is still somehow my favorite because it’s more representing the mood of the book in my opinion):

THE HOBBIT Trailer – 2012 Movie – Official [HD]

Neil Finn used ‘Misty Mountains’ for the end credits and created a longer pop version to attain a broader audience. What do you think about it?

Enjoy listening to every single track here.

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