“Emotive, evolving epic … sparkling piano, reminiscent of a classic superhero epic … brooding, thriller opening … sword clashes, heroic rhythmic strings … powerful male choir … massive backend, eerie resolve … sweeping brass theme with emotive supporting strings … almighty drums … solemn strings, subtle vocals … make for a full-on epic that will leave audiences breathless … dark brass theme, memorable strings, electronic beats … powerful, sweeping, string theme building to glorious backend.”

That’s what you get when FIRED EARTH MUSIC releases a new album: Recorded with a full orchestra it includes tracks by Mark Petrie, Inon Zur, Jermaine Stegall, Charles Evans and Jochen Flach. You can listen to it here on their website.

Enjoy Mark Petrie’s “Black Angels Rise” and have a nice day!

Heroes 01 Black Angels Rise, by Mark Petrie from FIRED EARTH MUSIC

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