Time to introduce a new production company for Trailer Music!

Composer Nick Murray (featured in trailers like “Looper”, “MIB 3”, Harry Potter and many more) and a bunch of other great artists like Dominik Schwarzer, Danny Olson, Tina Guo, Tyler Gurwicz founded switch. to produce artist-driven Trailer Music.
They created a new genre called “Uplifting Epic Pop Rock” and you can see and hear in the teaser video below what a great combination that is!

Nick Murray & Dominik Schwarzer – "Lift" Teaser

Here’s also a 30 minute Behind the Scenes video about the making of their first album “Lift”:

Lift – Behind the Scenes

Their second album (“Vanguard“) will sound rather epic and hybrid than uplifting and you can watch a teaser video here:

switch. – "Vanguard" Teaser

And on soundcloud you can listen to the previews of both albums by new Trailer Music company switch.:

Since Globus was very successful with its Epic Rock experiment, I really believe that switch. has found a good niche in the music business – especially because they produce (so far) for Trailer companies only while Globus does it for the public.

Let’s see how uplifting 2013 can get!

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Based in Berlin, Germany. Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief. Music Producer at Eon Sounds Productions. Founder of Composers for Relief. Keeps Moving.

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