Composer Guy-Roger Duvert speaking with Trailer Music News about his new album(!) and the difference between composing Trailer Music and Film Music:

Well, when you compose for fictions, most of the time you have to synchronize on the images, while for trailers, I happen to have the images only 20% of the time. Synchronizing is a very specific task, as you need not only to compose a great music, but also to be sure that you serve the story and the action, by following exactly what’s happening on the screen. Plus, the music will serve different functions. Sometimes, it will follow a physical action, sometimes a more psychological one. So, at the end, it is quite a different process, but I actually love both and I really want to keep on doing both !

You can purchase the mp3 version of his new album “Ultima Necathere on CDBaby.

Itunes, Amazon and cd’s will follow soon!

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Based in Berlin, Germany. Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief. Music Producer at Eon Sounds Productions. Founder of Composers for Relief. Keeps Moving.

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