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Looks like Helmut Vonlichten’s and Brian May’s new version of “We Will Rock You” will turn the Super Bowl XLVII into an epic party this year: Together they created the “new anthem that will be featured in the opening main tease and throughout the network’s game coverage of Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday, Feb. 3.”

In 2000 Helmut Vonlichten founded the well known Trailer Music company ES Posthumus  together with his brother Franz Vonlichten. Many movie trailer and show placements followed but then after 10 years and 3 albums the project ended suddenly and all the more tragically in ESP’s so far most successfull year: Unexpectedly Franz Vonlichten passed away in May 2010. Helmut Vonlichten still announces that he will therefore never again publish music under the name of E.S. Posthumus.


Helmut Vonlichten (http://www.vonlichten.com)

In November 2011 he then formed “Les Friction” together with Nihil Finch and the singer Paint (way better than his Microsoft counterpart) – a hard describable but incredible good (post-)rock band using elements of E.S. Posthumus music. They also had some placements in movie Trailers so far (the last Harry Potter and now this weekend in “Oz the Great and Powerful” e.g.). The best thing you can do is to have a listen to their music. You can also read a quite long but very diverting interview with Helmut and Nihil here. If you find a way to describe their style please send me an email. Sometimes they remind me of Muse but that’s all I can say:

Now this year it seems like an old dream of Helmut Vonlichten’s came true when he collaborated with former Queen-guitarist and composer of “We Will Rock You” Brian May:

“I grew up playing ‘air guitar’ to ‘We Will Rock You’ and pretending to throw the winning long-bomb pass on Super Bowl Sunday. Now I’m opening Super Bowl XLVII with Queen. Can life get any better?”

And also Brian May seems to be quite impressed by the result of “We Will Rock You Vonlichten”:

 “Imagine blazing away on a scoring stage with Freddie, Brian and a 100-piece symphony? That’s a jam session to end all jam sessions.”

It’s the second time already that VonLichten’s outstanding music opens the Super Bowl: He (and his brother) did it before in 2010 featuring Jay-Z and Rihanna. You can watch him behind the piano and Jay-Z on the stage together with an entire orchestra when you follow this link to VonLichtens website. I hope I could give you a short introduction to Helmut Vonlichten’s work. Enjoy his beautiful music.

UPDATE: You can watch the Intro made by CBS here!

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