I listened to this track by Michael Maas an Felicia Farerre a few times, before I posted it and I must say, I’m stunned. There are two parts. The first is dominated by a very strong piano, very spherical and it fits the topic of the title, with Morpheus the son of the ancient god of sleep Hypnos in the title.

The strings are very subtle in the beginning (usually you have very dominant strings right form the start) but take over control in the second part and lead to a nice fade-out. It’s like sleep – it comes slowly and goes slowly from nowhere :-D.

And the voice of Felicia is so wonderful. Calm and soft but at the same time with huge expression and power. It reminds me a little bit of Enya and is very well chosen.  Really this track is some very special peice of art and I love it!

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