You gotta watch this. You gotta hear this. I just can’t describe Bob “TheWraith517” Goodwin and his work better than this video (at the bottom of the post). I’m so fascinated by it and can’t believe how in the world he’s still unemployed! It took 4 of his friends to convince him making the video to celebrate him being the #1 Instrumental Composer on ReverbNation – WORLDWIDE!


Here’s a Youtube playlist with videos using his music:

He’s giving away free tracks for a limited period only, so make sure that you’ll download them in time.
Furthermore, since he’s an unemployed Musician, Writer and Photographer in Liverpool, he would certainly be very thankful for any information about serious jobs. Donations would be very appreciated as well I guess.

Bob is mostly improvising when he records his stuff meaning that every track comes directly from his heart and soul. He wants to give small movie productions the chance to get epic, professional music and SFX for their projects without having to pay an insane amount of money and also royalty free.

You can bet that there will be an interview soon but for now check out what Bob has to tell you:

Reverbnation Number 1 Instrumental Composer Music Give Away For Youtube Video Makers

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