How do you guys think about Dance Remixes of Soundtracks and Trailer Music? Most comments on different plattforms are somewhere between “Blasphemy!” and “Earsgasm!” 😀

Did you like Tiesto’s “He’s a Pirate” Remix for example?

The “For The Win Dance Remix” is another example but it still sounds more like the original compared to Tiesto’s mix. Here’s a new lovely cinematic video by Germania Studio (I really gotta ask why a Vietnamese picks such a name :D)

Maybe somewhere in the world they already play it in clubs like Tiesto’s mix. Who knows? ^^

Two Steps From Hell – For The Win (DANCE REMIX) (Album Burn)

Oh and here’s the original piece “For The Win” composed by Thomas J. Bergersen from by Two Steps From Hell‘s latest album “Skyworld” which you can purchase on Amazon and ITunes 🙂

Two Steps From Hell – For the Win (SkyWorld)

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