This time we’d like to introduce you not only to the thoughts of another very talented composer but also to the final version of ReallySlowMotion‘s album cover! You can see it in our upload of Vivien Chebbah’s “Imperia” and at the bottom of this post. It’s done by the multi-talented Ryo Ishido. It shows the meaning of the first album’s title “Cosmogeny”: The birth of the earth in form of a human embryo inside a energetic world globe floating through the universe (at least that’s what I think but maybe you got some better ideas and see different things in it.)

To celebrate the release of the amazing cover we’d like to introduce you to Vivien’s thoughts about his track “Imperia” and his creation of sounds in general. (We had already found some fitting images to use it for our upload when the news about the artwork crashed the community yesterday. Therefore we thought it would be more important and even so more than appropriate to show it as part of ReallySlowMotion’s upcoming album this time. We see it as a great opportunity to share the artwork on Youtube. A closer look at the cover and an interpretation why “Imperia” has to be on “Cosmogeny” you’ll read below the upload and the quote at the bottom of this post.)

Here’s it is now finally: “Imperia” by Vivien Chebbah and what the composer himself says about it and his compositions in general:

Vivien Chebbah – Imperia (pre-release of ReallySlowMotion album "Cosmogeny' + official artwork)

In general I love telling a story through my music, try to capture some feelings and intensify them until their climax.

This is the case for Imperia which can clearly be separated into 2 parts, darkness and light. I found it interesting to create a “break” between these two powerful feelings that I tried to increase to their paroxysm.

When I’ve composed Imperia, I imagined a futuristic epic war. In the first part I wanted to recreate the rise of evil forces and in the second part, I wanted to focus on the rise of a hero whose fate is to fight these evil forces in question. He becomes aware of the need to save his people and for that, he will have to give his life.

Here’s exactly what I thought in composing “Imperia” but it’s only my point of view, everyone can interpret the music in his own way and it would also be great to know people’s feelings.

So concluding we can say that it is no wonder why “Imperia” will be part of “Cosmogeny” when you focus on the rise of a hero. He ends the leadership of the dark forces like a new era ends the old one. A new beginning is always full of mostly positive expectations like the birth of another small human being or an entire planet (when you see the universe as the father or mother of all planets). Furthermore every birth can be called a very special form of paroxysm, full of antithetic emotions (even including in still too many parts of the world the mother’s death).

But now have a closer look at Ryo Ishido’s artwork. Maybe the fact that Ryo is a father himself inspired him here:


May every day of your life feel like a new cosmogeny.

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