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Composer Attila Áts loves talking walks for inspiration

Hungarian composer Attila Áts was one of the first upcoming composers I promoted on Facebook when everything started last summer. Back then he told me how nice it would be  “if any music licencing company can buy my trailer pack, there are not too mutch songs.” Therefore it’s really great how fast it developed: Half a year later he’s now on the same level as Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman and Olga Kurylenko! Even better: He’s not connected to Scientology as far as I know!

Here’s how that happened:
Being a former student of composition, orchestration, sound engineering and music production, Attila Áts composed some cues for the young Trailer Music company ReallySlowMotion since July. As he told us the cooperation worked out pritty well: “There was a really great comunication with us. Everytime I show something to Agus (Agus González-Lancharro,  founder and ceo of RSM) I just get lots of positive energy. :)”  More precisely it worked out so well that his massive track “Shredder”, which isn’t unfortunately availabe to the public yet, has been chosen to make the latest TV spot for “Oblivion” alive!

You maybe already heard it also in ReallySlowMotions promo trailer for their album “Cosmogeny”.

Speaking now about his so far biggest success in the Trailer Music business he told us how he feels about it and what his plans for the future are:

This is a really big thing to me and also to my career. My next step is…I hope I will get more placements. But I don’t want to be insataible. 🙂 Currently managed some of my tracks by the best trailer music companies (like Really Slow Motion, Sonic Symphony, Montage MX) and in this year I hope to compose more and more sick tracks. 🙂 And next year maybe I could make my own library music company (not trailer music).

Yes, that’s right! He wants to build his own music company in the genre of “extreme metal, motivational indie music, rock, lounge etc. Mostly for TV usage.” That really is great I bet we’ll hear from him alot more within the next years!

But for now I was especially interested in the making of “Shredder”. A while ago Attila told us that he takes showers “for making the airs and for building up the layout of the music I take a walk”. This time he said, that he didn’t need much of all that because he was inspired by Agus’ job right away:

Shredder was made in very short period of time becouse I have a great inspiration. When Agus (from Really Slor Motion) asked me to compose a track I was working on an upcoming cue for long time (and that cue is currently unfinished, but maybe at this week I’m done:) ) which is “the brother” of shredder becouse I use some sound fxs from that cue.
At the begining I wanted to compose a very short track but the ideas was just coming and I didn’t feel to overcomplicate the composition or something like that.
So Shredder’s whole processing time was 5 days. And very funny the first draft what I showed to Agus was very different than the final version. That was more like a non hybrid dramatic style cue. 🙂
But everything was fine becouse Agus was a really great guy and I I was never feel stressed in the workflow, just do what was in my head and I think is very important.

I have no idea why was so inspired. 🙂 This is works like this. Sometimes you have inspirations some times you haven’t. Maybe for I making that other track for a really long time… in the workflow of that another track I learned lots of things, tricks and making some sound fxs what I could leverage in Shredder (also the experiences, not just the fxs).
When Agus aked me to compose a track I didn’t promise anything, I was just trying and trying and I had some ideas.

So that’s great news for us because we’ll be able to experience more from Attila’s Trailer Music skills soon! Much was said already when there was still a question about “Shredder” burning in my mind: We all know these horns used in “Shredder” from so many trailers now since Inception came out…

… and this is why I wanted to know why Attila used them now especially for “Shredder”. Lucky me, I really got a satisfying answer:

When I imagine the end part (because that is the end part of the full track also) I just wanted to be the first in the universe who mixing those “megahorns” with industrial/metal guitars in a groove. But in my first imaginations that part would be more random, and more sounddesigny, but I reject that becouse I realized that wouldn’t be more good, groovy, and of course licensable :D. And actually I distorted the horns (mot much) to sounding a little bit similar to the guitars. 🙂

Furthermore Attila is a trained singer and can be heard in the first track I picked out back in July (“of course the “female vocal” is me”): “Apologize from the sentinel

Well I hope I could introduce you this time rather extensive to Attila Áts, his thoughts and work. You should go now check out his other tracks on soundcloud as well as his blog. Have a nice day everyone with the music of yet another great, upcoming composer!

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