Do you know the feeling you get when you don’t want to end reading a book you like? I don’t really want to finish this one as this one feels quite special for me. I am super excited what you guys think about this score.

That’s how 19-year-old composer Crian tried to explain last Tuesday how he felt while finishing his latest track “Lumina”. Because of the overwhelming support he experienced since then, he’s giving it away for free now!

Here’s what he wrote on Facebook:

Some of you already asked me wether they could purchase “Lumina” on itunes/musicload etc.
I really appreciate your honest interest to support me this way but unfortunately I don’t have any platform for now where I can sell my music besides Audiojungle – this one is one is only for licences.

I will give out “Lumina” for free to you because your support especially on this one really made me smile.
If you want to donate something as I am really bound with my technical equipment at the moment you can do this via paypal to “[email protected]”.


You can download “Lumina” from our soundcloud or from here.

Posted by Peter F. Ebbinghaus

Based in Berlin, Germany. Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief. Music Producer at Eon Sounds Productions. Founder of Composers for Relief. Keeps Moving.

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