Today I’d like to introduce you to Finnish composer Lauri Koivisto. He’s a a freelance musician and composer from Helsinki who graduated from Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory. His music has been featured so far in several commercials but he’s working hard to get his music into tv shows and hopefully even movies one day. He’s always looking for new challenges and tries to be as versatile as possible.

I’d like to show you now my two favorite pieces by Lauri. The first is “Beautiful Life” and when I asked him about his thoughts while composing it he told me the following which expresses perfectly the emotions within the track:

Everyone’s heart has been broken at some time, everyones dream was shattered and everyone knows how it feels when you think you’ve lost all hope. Beautiful Life is all that but also a reminder that even though you think you’ve lost all hope, everything is gonna get better, you just have to stay positive and believe in it! I know it sounds cliché but clichés are clichés for a reason.

Lauri Koivisto – Beautiful Life

And here’s “Me ol’ man” for you. A track about Lauri’s childhood and everything since then 🙂

All my childhood, my dad used to play a lot of Classical and irish-music for example The Dubliners and The Chieftains.
There wasn’t any musicality in our family so I grew up listening to those guys and secretly enjoyed it.
When Lord of the Rings first came over ten years ago the soundtrack blew my mind.
Everything i was used to listen in our house was suddenly merged together. Plus there was this epic story behind it.
So basically this song was kind of a story about my childhood, my dad, how i got introduced to music and started playing/composing afterwards.

Lauri Koivisto – Me Ol' Man

It was quite tough to pick out favorite pieces and I bet you’ll find other personal favorites on his soundcloud channel 🙂 Besides cinematic pieces you’ll also find rock and funk tracks in there.

I bet Lauri would be very happy if you could leave him a comment about how you like his music, what he could do better or whatever you’d like to tell him 🙂

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