What are you doing when you already received the MTV Video Music Award, the British Academy Film Award and several others? What’s the meaning of life when you have been nominated several times for the biggest awards on earth and you’re responsible for thousands of tracks which make the video games we love the most so perfect? What can still thrill you when you created compositions like “One They Fear”?

You decide to write your own symphony and call it “The Northerner”.

Unfortunately, the symphonic medium has almost disappeared because of a lack of patrons or funding sources.  And without private patrons, all that are left are orchestral organizations and their limited resources.  That said, most major orchestras don’t contribute to the creation of symphonies.  Why?  Symphonies are expensive in today’s economy.  So I think in this era, Beethoven may not have written any symphonies whatsoever due to a lack of funding.  And if this weren’t to be completely true, any symphonies he may have produced on his own wouldn’t have been done with the kind of absolute focus required for these masterpieces, I suppose.  In other words, imagine Beethoven with a day job… how would this have affected his music?  Hard to say.  But, I feel that it would have been a factor.

And perhaps, in this era of no financial support for classical music, his symphonies would have never been performed, or only performed long after his death.  So yes, I think Beethoven would have been quite interested in Kickstarter.  It really is a great way to kickstart the arts and involve passionate people in the creative process.  This could be a modern lifeline to the concert hall.  And while I am no Beethoven, I am exploring this solution in hopes that I can produce the very best music I can, for we, the living.

This is what Jeremy Soule answered to the question if Beethoven would also use Kickstarter today to fund his symphonies. So it’s as easy as that: Because these days there aren’t any symphonies anymore, we collect money to enable one of the greatest composers of our time to create finally new symphonies. Jeremy wrote on his personal Facebook page that  “I personally am not paying myself anything to make this music. It is a labor of love. Every dime I make will go back into the recording.” So if you support the project you only support everthing around him.

But you really gotta hurry if you want to receive one of the CDs Jeremy signed for his fans because an hour ago he told his fellow friends on facebook the following:

I have something else that’s very important to tell you… once this campaign is over, so are the autographed CDs. I won’t sign any more of these outside of the campaign (as it is a lot of work), so don’t be left out, as these will be very, very rare in the future, especially at these quantities. So, reserve your copy today so that you may collect and own a unique piece of history.

The recording of “The Northerner” in general is already funded (it happened in only one day!) but every additional Dollar is still needed:

To fully replace all digital instruments with live performances, I would have to hire somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 musicians and 50 singers.  Not including costs such as cartage, taxes, payroll fees, music prep and venue rental, this can come out to about $10K per hour in a city like London or LA.

Oh and here’s the artwork for you which is also great indeed! Everything about this is great!


So if you’d like to be part of this incredible project you should go now an spend all the money got on Kickstarter. Only $15 will turn the world into an epic place, you will hold his handwriting your hands and your soundsystem will go crazy! Your name can also be part of the album liner notes, you can get your CD signed personally for you, you can even take part(!) of the recordings and many more! Just do it now!

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Based in Berlin, Germany. Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief. Music Producer at Eon Sounds Productions. Founder of Composers for Relief. Keeps Moving.

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Jimmy Ferrufino

really inspiring stuff! just wow!