Hey Cool! 4000 Likes! Lets celebrate by giving you guys some free sh*t!

ALL albums are free downloads for the next 24 hours!! http://thesecession.bandcamp.com/

After giving away “Augmentations” for free, The Secession Studios posted now on Facebook that all their albums will be available for free! To say it in their own words you’ll find “barbaric orchestral themes or inspirational piano, epic and emotional Hans Zimmer-esque film scoring, catchy and memorable songs for advertising and commercials, epic trailer music that competes with Audiomachine and TSFH, unique and inspiring songs for advertising” as well as “Film and television underscores crafted for prime time placement.”

If this is not enough have a look at their AMAZING artwork to celebrate 4.000 Likes!


The offer lasts only 24 hours and their post is already 8 hours old so you should download them RIGHT NOW! 🙂

If you’re still not sure whether you whish to have them on your hard drive or not (there’s always somebody for whom free(!) great stuff which can’t be more epic, inspiring and incredibly awesome is not enough) go check out their albums here now! But remember the clock is ticking!

You must simply click on the album of your choice, then click on bandcamp on “buy now” and name your price from 0 to 1.000.000 and enjoy their albums “Imaginary”, “Augmentations – Hybrid Trailer Music”, “Best Of Secession Studios Film Music” & “Secession Studios Trailer Music”!

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Kevin Dombrowski

Dammit! I just missed it!

amin khoshzahmat