In a German-Austrian cooperation composers Michael Maas and Christoph Allerstorfer will soon feed us with new sounds! Their company “Black Phoenix Music” shall be responsible for Soundtracks as well as Trailer Music and they will not only release it to movie and television productions but also to the public!
By the way: The logo you see above is designed by composer and Graphic Designer Koke Núñez Gómez. It represents the style of the upcoming albums from Black Phoenix Music: “Epic, Strength, Magistral, Hybrid”

More info will hopefully follow soon! For now go like their facebook page and enjoy Christoph’s latest track “Horizon”, which will be part of the library and was mastered by John Elleson-Hartley:

Updated April 9th:
Read an interview with Michael Maas and Christoph Allerstorfer here.

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