This time i’d like to present you a mystic piece by Wizart Music composer Alexandre Guiraud. It reminds a lot of Howard Shore’s darker pieces of the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack like “The Prophecy“. But “La Foret Noire” (The Black Forest) is not the soundtrack for a movie but for an old school RPG made with the good old RPG Maker. It really transfers a huge load of tensed atmosphere in it and I think I found a fitting image on helping you to get lost in the woods. Enjoy now your fantastic trip with our exclusive upload here:


Composer Alexandre Guiraud aka Wizart Music

This time I had to write a song for the level in the black forest. I am entirely free to make what i want, and i decided to make something ambiant and “windy”. Something slow and light with mistery, and fear, something in the way of film music, that can bring the gamer to many kind of feelings, something that can make the world alive.

Here’s how the actual RPG  “Ach’tegeach” by Lionel Travaglia looks like. As Alexandre Guiraud, scores the entire score for the game, told us “it has no commercial aim, only passion of making it.” This is a playlist including not only the main theme but also a Dungeon and Citadell theme by Alexandre: The soundtrack reaches from from medieval ambiant music like the main theme to battle themes like “Hammerfall”: Alexandre Guiraud already composed so far not only for video games but also for different documentaries and trailers but he’s open for every kind of new work experience. Here are three very different pieces I’d like to show you, representing the diversity of his skills: You can check out even more of his work on his website and on his soundcloud!

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