Since we introduced you to switch. they have been really busy and will record their 4th album now already. Nick Murray is again responsible for almost everything around it. But before the recording session for the switch. Trailer Music album starts, he will host another show of TrailerSound right now(!) on ustream – this time he’ll talk to Chris Haigh, who’s track “Vindicator”  has been featured in “The Wolverine” trailer!

Switch.'s Golden Trailer Awards 2013 Advertisement

Switch.’s Golden Trailer Awards 2013 Advertisement. Nice, isn’t it?

We’ll get back to Chris Haigh soon but for now, let me introduce you to the recording session for “Dark Matter”. After “Lift”, Vanguard” and “Drums vs Robots” it will be again totally different and Nick Murray promises “very creepy stuff, but all done in a melodic orchestral format”:

We’re really excited about this one. At switch, we’re always trying to define what we think Trailer Music is. We want to explore what hasn’t been done and experiment with new ideas. Dark Matter is no exception. The whole album is composed by Adam Gubman and it’s retro orchestral horror, but with a modern trailer arrangement.

The great thing about: It will be recorded at Bastyr University, more precisely the chapel where not only hard rock pieces like “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescenes have been recorded but also academy award winning scores like Brokeback Mountain (see the full list here). Furthermore Nick Murray’s former Trailer Music company audiomachine, but also Full Tilt, and Sencit recorded their outstanding Trailer Music albums here. That really proves how well known the Chapel is for its fantastic acoustics – or to say it in Nick Murray’s words:

They are set up in an old church that provides for that larger-than-life gothic, epic sound.

But there’s more: The recording session of switch.’s 4th album “Dark Matter” will be a very special one. Switch. wants you to be part of it! No worries, you don’t have to sing or show your instrumental skills. They just want to you to listen and watch how everything happens!

Dark matter live recording: Join the baby!

Dark matter live recording: Join the baby!


The "Lift" recording session. This time you can see it with your own eyes, live!

The “Lift” recording session. This time you can see it with your own eyes, live!

On April 15th we’re recording the full orchestra together, instead of in sections (strings first, brass second, etc) because we want that retro-sound of the orchestra all playing together. We will be recording a 57 piece orchestra and 24 person choir, and broadcasting it live on TrailerSound. The recording sessions are from 10-1, 2-5 (orchestra), and 7-10 choir.

You’re invited to join the session for about 2 hours at 1:45 pm PST but all the more you’re able to actually be there, meet everyone and check out how everything’s done! If you want to join the 2 pm session you should contact Nick Murray now via Facebook or via Email and then plan your trip to Seattle!

Updated April 15th:
Check out the list of the tracks about to be recorded:

Here's what will be recorded: The shocking setlist!

Here’s what will be recorded: The shocking setlist!

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