You won’t get any closer – unless you’re on stage! Since Nick Murray has left Non-Stop Music and audiomachine where he was not only responsible for composing but also for sound design, graphic design, editing and producing, he had time to let his creative mind breath for a while. Out came switch. and TrailerSound. While you’ll read about switch.’s exciting life recording plans of their 4th album within the next days here, I will focus this time on TrailerSound (Click here if this is too much text for you and you wanna watch the first show right now).

Nick Murray’s TrailerSound will bring you as close as possible to the people behind one of the music genres we love the most: Epic Trailer Music. Whether you sit in Thailand or Australia, Brazil or Austria, you will meet them as personal as possible. As Nick told us you will be able “to ask questions beforehand on Facebook, or live during the show.” Could it be any better?

We’ve reached 100 likes! That means it’s time to start submitting questions for Verbal Vigilante! What would you like me to ask them on Thursday? (Post below)

In fact it really gets better: It’s not a mayfly because it’s April. It won’t happen once or twice. It’ll be an interactive show broadcasted weekly!

Jode Steele and David Wainwright aka Verbal Vigilante will answer your first questions.

Jode Steele and David Wainwright, the men behind “Verbal Vigilante” will be interviewed first. In case you have know idea who they and why the hell their answers should be of any interest, you should go check their trailer credits and than be silent until you ask them a question:


Here’s now what Nick also told us about it and additional the introduction video to TrailerSound. Both will leave you restless until epicness strikes this Thursday!

Since we will be doing TrailerSound shows Live on ustream, this will give a chance for everyone to interact. I want to showcase everyone who’s involved in the trailer music world. From seasoned composers, to newbies. I will be interviewing composers, engineers, contractors, assistants, and everything in between. It’s gonna be real fun! We already have shows booked into May.

TrailerSound Introduction

Now all you gotta do is to save the date: April 4th, 12 pm PST on ustream (wanna check what time it will be in your country? Click here.) You should also follow TrailerSound’s updates on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter to make sure that you don’t miss it!

Updated April 6th:
Here’s now the entire first diverting show with Verbal Vigilante. Nick Murray had to cut out the Trailers he used to show Jode’s and David’s work because of copyright issues. So you better make sure that you always watch the stream each Thursday. Next composer will be Chris Haigh and Black Phoenix Music will follow 3 weeks later on May 5th. Let’s see who’ll be in the show between them – we’ll keep you up to date!

TrailerSound #1 – Verbal Vigilante

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