This week I’d like to present you the company 7DAYSMUSIC, which is a project of two guys from Singapore. Iliya Zaki is specialized in epic orchestral tracks for movies, games and animations, while JAYlll composes electro Songs..

Ilya Zaki mixed many genres in his masterpieces so here is one of his tracks.

Having played the guitar since he was 13 years old, he uses this instrument as an extension to his body in which he can use to portray his message to people.

Zaki’s strengths lie in imbuing orchestral compositions with heavy emotion and energy. He can also play and have composed works with the electric and acoustic guitar, using my skills in orchestral compositions to bring out an added edge to these more modern pieces.

7DAYSMUSIC – Loyalty

J3 is a sucker for beats and basically everything that will make you move your body and sing your heart out.

JIII’s tracks are very different from Zaki’s and have less to do with Soundtracks and Trailer Music specificely. But I also want to present you one of his tracks here, because I really like his stuff. So here is one of his electro tracks:

JayIII also is a visual artist, who create art which fits very well to his tracks.

They hope to release their first Album this year and we present the first track of it an it is very important that you hear the complete track! Because just in this track is a wild mixture of very different genres, it is a unique combination and it is just great! So in the beginning there is a strong electro part, followed by a really epic part and it all ends with a softly piano outro. I really like it! As an additive information the singer in the track is “G”, a local singer and a good friend of them. In the song “Ein Sof” her singing is played backwards!

7DAYSMUSIC – Prodigy

Here you can read, what Zaki says about this track and the whole album:

For ThumbnailAs for Prodigy, a brief introduction to the song. We’re working on an album which will be called “Prodigy” that will have electronic tracks, trailer music tracks, orchestral pieces and of course, both. It will be composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by 7DAYSMUSIC. JAYIII is a fantastic composer who loves electronic beats and dubsteps and stuff whereas me, Zaki, I really love creating, writing trailer music or epic orchestral scores. So, Prodigy is just a small small summary of what the album will be! It will serve as the first track on the album, a sort of big introduction to an album or a sneak peak to the album.

If you want to hear more Sounds of this two guys, here is their Soundcloud and Facebook page

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Just outstanding sound delicious to my ears my soul