After launching the best paid pro series with an extrordinary live cover, with two season splits (spring and summer), Riot Games, the publisher revealed at the all-star split in Shanghai last weekend their  new cinematic trailer full of action presenting several champions of the game including Twisted Fate, Fiddlesticks, Garen, Katarina, Tryndamere (with his epic Demonblade Skin), Annie and Baron Nashor! Therefore I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to my favorite video game rather extensively this time. Furthermore you’ll watch Christian “Praeco” Linke composing his incredible soundtrack for League of Legends. But now it’s time to present you the magnificent new cinematic trailer for Riot Games’ flagship: Enjoy A Twist of Fate!

A Twist of Fate | Cinematic – League of Legends

Here’s also a video about the making of the video that gets you behind the scenes of A Twist of Fate:

League of Legends Cinematic: A Twist of Fate – Behind the Scenes

The music for Riot Games’ League of Legends, which is actually the most played video game in the world and played by an average of 12 million people each day is scored by young German composer Christian Linke.

Here’s an interesting video about Christian Linke’s work at League of Legends. It’s the making of the “Freljord”. The Freljord event, was one of many ingame events and it shows greatly, the effort Riot is taking into this. It doesnt really affect the game, they only rewrote the background lore of some champions and replaced an old map with a newer version of it. But it got a real big event, with special music and an extra homepage just for this event.

It was also part of TrailerSound‘s latest show where Nick Murray interviewed the founders of CineSamples who also work for Riot Games. As an example of what they do every day they described the Freljord project at 36:52. Watch now the awe-inspiring making of League of Legends “Freljord” composed by Christian “Praeco” Linke:

The Making of Freljord Music | League of Legends

I’m playing League since the open beta in 2009 and I’m sticked to it – I was a RTS-game player before, like Starcraft or Warcraft, but this new so called DOTA-genre was really interesting for me. This game ever has grown during all this time, got bigger and bigger and these games are now known as MOBA- games  (mobile online battle arena). The most power takes LoL from its very intelligent concept. Most of the time the support reacts very fast and the game is free to play, without having disadvantages if you really don’t want to pay for it. After a season one, in which the world champion was played out between Europa and North America, season two kicked in.  For this season the competitive scene expanded to China, South East Asia and Korea and the price pool for the whole season was about 5.0m $ which is an incredibly high stake for esports.

Back in the old times the german composer  Daniel Vulcano created the original theme for League of Legends and that was the base for all epicness coming through later. You can check out the original themes here. He also loaded the theme for dominion, an alternative playmode of League up there. Just check his stuff out, its awesome!

With season two Riot Gaming decided to make the music even more awesome, than it was before and they started to rely on it.

Welcome to League of Legends

And a couple of months later, Christian “Praeco” Linke started to compose a unique theme for every new released champion or for special ingame events. I posted some of them like Thresh or Vi. I really love Christian’s work, I think he’s very versatile and a very good composer. He can write a track that really fits onto the new champions unique background and style and thats what I love so much.

All in all LoL has always been a game, in which not only the game was important, but also the “less” important stuff  like music or fan constests, were very important. I just wanted to show you this beautiful game and its great music and maybe we will see each other on the fields of justice ;). If you want to add me , feel free to add “DerRoehrer” or “the stevemachine”. I’m playing at the moment on Europe West. I’m looking forward to playing with you =).

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