The world wide web is way too big to get constructive criticism. Therefore we created “Composers help Composers”: A group on Facebook and on Soundcloud to make it way easier for you to get feedback about your tracks and everything around it. It shall work as another good place where composers can directly get in touch with each other  – especially via the thing they can do best: Their amazing music. With that help you shall get better and better every day.


Once you joined “Composers help Composers” on Facebook you can easily invite other composers.

On Facebook “Composers help Composers” is a private group to make sure that only the specific target group of composers will see the tracks you post and the things you write. Please contact us if you would like to join it and we will invite you afterwards. Once your in the group you can easily invite all your composing friends.


Submitting tracks to “Composers help Composers” on Soundcloud is also pritty easy.

On soundcloud the group is called “Soundtracks and Trailer Music: Composers help Composers” to make sure that the focus lies on Soundtracks and Trailer Music. Here’s the open soundcloud group where you can easily add your uploads to the group. As you can see some composers already submitted their own tracks to get some feedback:

Let’s get this started!

Posted by Peter F. Ebbinghaus

Based in Berlin, Germany. Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief. Music Producer at Eon Sounds Productions. Founder of Composers for Relief. Keeps Moving.

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