I am a young composer, and have been playing the piano since I was 5, as well as the drums since I was 10.  I am no Hans Zimmer, but I try to compose the best music I can.  There is still a long journey ahead of me, and hopefully a bright future 🙂 I hope that people will enjoy my music and support me along the way.

There’s a saying about how it’s never too late to start something. But it also is never too early as Joshua Maikawa proves: The 14-year-old composer behind EveryThingCinematic from Toronto demonstrates how computers have to be used when your at his age. It’s not for fighting epic battles in computer games, it’s for creating your own battle themes to help people follow you on your journey to eternity. Make sure to check out his soundcloud and tell him what you think about his music!

Here’s now Joshua Maikawa’s aka EveryThingCinematic’s latest piece for you. Ascension shall animate your inspiration and motivate you to enjoy your next epic adventure in your everyday life:

Joshua Maikawa (EveryThingCinematic) – Ascension

And here’s You will be remembered for you: “A tribute to a noble hero who has to sacrifice his own life to save the world. ”

Joshua Maikawa (EveryThingCinematic) – You Will Be Remembered

On his soundcloud channel Joshua Maikawa wrote yesterday that he will take break until summer so it’s even more important that you tell him how you like his music!

Here’s a preview of his upcoming track To be free:

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