Please have a listen to these two track to get a feeling of composer Grady Klein’s album Fractal published under the pseudonym Fractal Music. You’ll then read more about Affinity and its creator below.

Grady Klein (Fractal Music) – Fallen Herald (Alternate)

Grady Klein (Fractal Music) – Affinity

Affinity was written based on the emotions I experience recently towards another person. But that story I want to keep secret.  When I started writing music I began with slow…quiet and depressing music. Most of it is.


Contemplative composer Grady Klein

Affinity is the second track on composer Grady Klein’s first album. Fallen HeraldAffinitySeperated and Footprints in the Wind, Home and Epitaph all drag you down somehow. But they not only drag you down. They especially drag you into Grady Klein’s music. Maybe it is somehow depressing when you listen to the tracks but I would rather call it rather melancholic. But this is only one side of his music: There are always single tones within the tracks giving you an bunch of strength. As in Philippe Rey’s massive album “Age of the Fallen” the darker part somewhat highlights the tiny bright parts of the tracks and somehow leaves you stunned while listening to Grady Klein’s first album.

Fractal accompanied me for hours now within the last weeks and I really hope to give you a feeling of how emotional it gets, how fractal you can feel when you alow it. Here’sEpitaph for you including a short discription by its composer:

“Epitaph” was a song I composed after I experienced a nightmare. In this nightmare, my closest friend had died, and the emotion I felt standing at her headstone inspired the bulk of the song. But close to the end as it ends on a high note, later in the day after that night, I went to see if she was alright, and she was.

A bit earlier The Tarsus Project as the third track of Fractal introduces already the other side of the album which is pritty dynamic and shows Grady Kleins other talents. Especially Into the Breach then breaks totally with the first seven tracks named so far. After being pulled down it lets you rise up to let you face everything what stood in front of you for the last 18:26 minutes:

Grady Klein (Fractal Music) – Into the Breach

“Into the Breach” was a two week project based on my first experiences playing a video game called ArmA II. The inspiration chiefly came from the experience of close quarters combat in the game which gave way to the upbeat sound of the song. I didn’t want it to be epic, but fast paced and adrenaline pumping and maybe a bit silly as I never take video games seriously. (…) Sometimes my tracks’ names are not meaningful at all but all songs I have written since I wrote “Into the Breach” have been named per the inspiration source.


The fractal album coverdesign of Grady Klein’s first album “Fractal”

Then Incendiary and A Raven’s Chilled Wings again remember you about how happy you should be every day through showing you the total opposite. Afterwards Moving Target and especially Welcome to Asteroth strengthen you to fight your biggest fears while A New Beginning and The Journey again present you our world’s beauty in a melancholic but not depressing way. Maybe it reflects more a positive way of thinking where every day and every stumbling block in life should be seen as a new beginning of a journey onward to better times. The last track I will show you is now one of three tracks Grady Klein published after the release of Fractal and it’s called Battle Fleet. If you want more Grady Klein then have a listen to his other tracks on, buy his album on Reverbnation and contact him via Facebook.

Grady Klein (Fractal Music) – Battle Fleet

You can also listen to the entire album here:

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