Alexandre Guiraud & Martin Hasseldam – Storm Forthcome

We had often chatted about musical stuff, and just thought it would be fun to make a remote track like this in each of our corners of the world. We have never actually met, but thanks to the wonder of the “digital age” (and Dropbox of course), these things are possible, and it’s just great!


French composer Alexandre Guiraud in Castres…

About 2.000 kilometers weren’t enough to seperate French composer Alexandre Guiraud aka Wizart Music and Danish composer Martin Hasseldam. The power of music was too strong and so they met via soundcloud. In agreement with Alexandre Martin Hasseldam told us the following about how everything started. Martin just started out becoming a professional composer this January and looks back on a music life full of rock and pop. Both composers agree in the fact that it was a quite different way of composing although Martin Hasseldam said that he hasn’t found any way of “normal composing” yet because he’s still on his early stage.


…and Danish composer Martin Hasseldam from Odense

It was great to write with Alexandre, because he composes in a totally different way than I do.. He writes and does things that I would never dream of doing.. And then I just go, “Wow man! Greeeeat idea”.. Awesome co-writer!!

In total it took about a week from first scratch until they finally released their track Storm Forthcome.

The hard part was actually to find a name for the track, that fitted it.. 2 minds, agreeing on one name, tougher than it sounds.

And speaking about 2 minds it was interesting to know how everything happened within the creative process:

I started out, sketching a percussion line for Alexandre to dress. A very rough and unmixed one, just to get him an idea of what it was going to sound like, and when he got it, he kinda chopped it up a little, extended some parts and so on. I got his stems back, added a few things, mixed it and showed Alexandre a draft for a final mix, and then after listening to his comments, I would go back and tweek some things and mix it a little bit different. And after the track going back and forth a couple of times, and we were both happy, I finally mixed and mastered it.

Basically, I made all the percussion and hybrid stuff of the track, and Alexandre composed and wrote all the tonal stuff and arranged synths and horns and strings, which I supplemented a bit when I got his stems.

This shall work as an example of how easy it can be nowadays to start a cooperation, so have your eyes open when you’re surfing in the world wide web and on our page: There’s always somebody who’s just a perfect match to your work!

You’ll find Alexandre Guiraud on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and on his website. Martin Hasseldam is also available on Soundcloud and Twitter!

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