Soundtracks and Trailer Music composers are really spread around the globe! After the latest articels about Canadian, British and Singaporean composers, you’ll read and hear now about an upcoming Polish duo: Synthphonia.

Christopher Kus and Michael Riske, two young composers from Cracow and Warsaw, founded Synthphonia to offer movie, advertising and game productions not only a bunch of Trailer Music tracks but also scores for their projects. Now they released their first diversive album Sky Pillar. Before you’ll read more about all that, have a listen to the title track now:

Composer Christopher Kus: Responsible for the calmer cues at Synthphonia

Composer Michael Riske: The dark side of Synthphonia

20-year-old Christopher Kus started composing back in 2006. The drummer and singer experimented with several trance tracks when suddenly he felt that composing movie scores was more what he really wanted to do. While Christopher is responsible for the calmer, emotional part of the duo, 24-year-old Michael Riske captures the darker, dubstep parts of Synthphonia.

Here’s how Christopher described how everything around Synthphonia and Sky Pillar started:

Sky Pillar in first idea was my concept for a solo album. I started creating it one year ago. Synthphonia was my idea of creating not only a trailer making company but all of movie music company including full soundtracks and commercial jingles. But a few months ago I met Michael, another great composer from Poland. Then I realised that Synthphonia could work. Sky Pillar is the fusion of our climats: Michaels dark energetic tracks and my epic classic sounds.

I prefer classical orchestral sounds like “Fallen Heroes”:

Synthphonia – Fallen Heroes

Have a listen to their sounds on soundcloud and Youtube, get more info on their website, follow Synthphonia on Twitter, like them on Facebook and check out their entire album Sky Pillar via bandcamp!

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