The composers from Twin Scoring Studio finally revealed a preview of their new album Legend of the Guardians. Some of you might have heard about it already and maybe wondered why they didn’t release it as planned at the beginning of 2013. Here’s what they told us:

Twin Scoring Studio Album "Legend Of The Guardians" Preview

While recording Legend of the Guardians Twin Scoring Studio, the company around French composers Frederic Texier and Reynald Frisson unfortunately, experienced serious technical problems leading to a loss of many tracks. They wanted to present their fans an album including 25(!) tracks. Due to the unpredictable problem, which unfortunately can happen to everyone, there will be 14 tracks now on the album. The four composers including also Hallouin Mathieu (who joined the company in March) and Jean Gabriel Raynaud hope to release it this month anyway.

Have closer look on Twin Scoring Studio's front and back of "Legend Of The Guardians"

Have a closer look on Twin Scoring Studio’s front and back of “Legend Of The Guardians”

The artwork of the album is made by Ilaude Studio. You will be able to support the company via buying Legend of the Guardians on Bandcamp, Amazon and ItunesAdditional to what you could hear in the preview, composer Reynald Frisson confirmed that it will be full of epicness and choirs. This month Video Editor Rain Ventsel will take care of the cinematic presentation of it and I bet each of the 14 remaining tracks would be worth its own video!

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