As you can see above British composer Chris Haigh already got his music into several really big productions. Recently his music has been part of the international trailer for “The Wolverine” and we wanted to know how that feels like. Luckily he took some time to answer our questions so that you can read now how it is to be part of the Marvel network:


Chris Haigh lives on another planet now.

I’m completely over the moon to be attached in some small part to the Marvel Universe. I’m a huge fan of comic book and superhero films and to be attached to a project as cool as the Wolverine is amazing!! I love superhero type movies and that genre. Also to me the Wolverine is one of the coolest because he is a Badass.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet – here it is featuring Chris Haigh’s track Vindicator from 1:34 to the end. If you want to hear it a bit louder you gotta watch the Japanese trailer here.

The Wolverine | International Trailer #2 HD | 2013

The pictures match exactly how I wrote it. The original working title I gave the track was ANTI HERO. I had in mind as I was writing it that loner hero who lurked in the shadows and was dark and kind of didn’t want to be a hero but found himself in those situations. Logan is the ultimate Anti Hero I guess. As that was only a working title Immediate changed the track to what it is now: VINDICATOR.

Vindicator is actually part of Immediate Music’s album Quantum which isn’t available to the public unfortunately. But as you will hear soon in our interview with Yoav Goren, we will maybe be lucky to hear some of the tracks on another public release in the future – cross your fingers that Vindicator will be part of it!

Immediate is very secretive of their work and I respect that so I also have to keep it secret. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the full track but for now it’s all to the decision of Immediate Music.

UPDATED July 24th: Since yesterday Vindicator is now finally available to the public – at least on Chris Haigh’s official soundcloud channel! Have a listen to the entire track here:

Here’s a pretty nice impression of how Immediate Music composed Quantum last year with the Czech Philharmonic orchestra in Prague’s well-known Rudolfinum Concert Hall. The album also includes The Day is at Hand. You’ll hear Vindicator from 3:34 to 3:45:

Immediate Music – Making of "Quantum" (2012 album)

I basically just saw the video that Immediate Music put on youtube but was completely blown away by it and to have a bit of my track featured in that video was so amazing and I would like to thank Yoav for making it possible. I would have loved to have been there but maybe next time.

Without any personal connections to the Trailer Music business Chris Haigh simply grew up in a very film orientated family and was always a big fan of movie scores. Only 3 years after he realised you he loved Trailer Music he is now officially a part of Hollywood:

I think it just came from a love of Epic film scores and wanting to listen to as much of that stuff as I could then I kind of stumbled across Trailer Music and didn’t really fully understand it’s place in the world but knew I absolutely loved it and wanted to hear more. Then the more I found out about it the more I wanted to go down that route as a career and 3 years later here I am 🙂

Go check out it website, listen to his music on soundcloud, like him on Facebook an follow him on Twitter.

Concluding you can also watch him here speaking with Nick Murray on TrailerSound:

TrailerSound #2 – Chris Haigh

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