Every composer dreams of an entire orchestra breathing new life into his or her music. Many artists who play nowadays in the biggest orchestras in the world once started their career through covering their favorite artists. At the beginning of 2013 Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix encouraged every Two Steps From Hell fan to create and submit his or her favorite cover version(s):

Two Steps wants to see your cover of one of our songs!! Post a YouTube video of yourself performing one of our songs on your instrument of choice (violin, piano, guitar, your voice, everything goes!) and you can win a ticket to our concert in June (if you’re in the US) and an exclusive copy of SkyWorld signed by Thomas & Nick!

Yesterday they finally announced the proud winners:

We have just notified the 20(!!) winners of our COVER CONTEST by Facebook message. It was too difficult to pick 3, so we picked 20! If you were one of the participants, please make sure you check your facebook inbox and make sure you look in your “other” folder as that’s where the message from us would be.

The winners (…) ARE: (in no particular order)

Thomas von Bibra
Tera Catallo
Basia Krol
Guillaume Barabe
Hugo Tromp
Sam Coghlan
Jorge M. Eugercios Hormigos
Celica Soldream
John Mallik & Company
Kashia Vu
Owex Goard
Mark Fowler
Linda Peng
Rok Kaufman
Eric Lawrence
Sebastien Rohe
Andy Smith
Camden Tilley
Jannik Gunther
Laetitia Batut

CONGRATULATIONS to these amazing musicians who blew us away with their inspiring submissions and dedication to the music! to all the rest of the participants, thank you SOOOO MUCH for your contribution. We will have a surprise for you too, but please allow us some time to do the concert first!

All the best,
Thomas & Nick

Congratulations! Check out 18 already by Two Steps From Hell revealed winning cover tracks in our playlist and on soundcloud. If you can tell me where the other two covers are to find please shoot us a message 🙂

The winners are spread around the globe and also how they performed each track was as diverse as it can be: Some recorded in a 1080p high-quality, some simply took an image to underline their cover, some made their own rock version, some performed it calmly. But all the girls and boys, women and men are connected by one thing: They all love what they do and they are huge fans of Two Steps From Hell. This really is what the internet makes possible today and this is what we should aim for every day. We should learn that globalisation is not about exploiting eachother but about creating outstanding art together!

Make also sure to get your ticket to see Two Step From Hell live on June 14th in Los Angeles. Some tickets are still available! Last but not least you should preorder their upcoming album “Classics, Vol. 1“:

We are almost done with Classics Vol.1 and are excited for you to hear it!! It features a lot of our epic classics, previously unreleased to the public. We have listened to YOU: This will be the first Two Steps From Hell album available in Lossless Audio, with others to follow. Classics Vol.1 will be out in the beginning of June.

Edited June 15th:
You can purchase Two Steps From Hell’s “Classics, Vol. 1” now on ITunes, CDbaby (in lossless flac), Amazon

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