Heroes without tale-tellers are like trailers without music: Nobody will remember what happened. Epic Writing brings together both: Inspiring Soundtracks and Trailer Music as well as ambitious writers who couldn’t resist to write down what they made through while listening to oustanding pieces of music.

Leighton Williams founder of Trailer Music Vibe will now take this to the next level. He will combine the true meaning of epicness (in the sense of unforgettable stories) with our everyday lifes – just as epic music does. But he’s not only writing for fun: His project is called E.P.I.C.: the first novel ever written based on epic music, written by an epic music junky for fans of epic music. He will bring epicness to your home and we will tell you more about it as soon as it is able to purchase! Right now Leighton Williams is looking for a publisher – so if you know anybody who would like to publish the most e.p.i.c. novel he will ever publish please contact us.

Here’s what E.P.I.C. according to the Facebook Page will be about:


The cover art of E.P.I.C. is done by Koke Nunez Gomez.

18 year old senior Brighton Luvell attends John Marshall High School in Los Angeles California, U.S.A. aided by his sidekick and conspiracy theorist Crianso. Unsure of what direction to take his life in and unappeased by the freedom of college life, he soon opts to work at the esteemed Walt Disney Concert Hall as a janitor. One night during a special ceremony, a spectacular event occurs that will change the life of Brighton forever..

A strange symbol is embedded on the wall with the acronym: E.P.I.C.

Rarely does Brighton notice the connection between the symbol and the world as a whole. But he needs to, for the forces at work who would seek to harness the power of it for evil ends. Join Brighton on this epic journey to uncover the real meaning behind..

Everything from here on is written by Leigton Williams. Enjoy!

UPDATED on Juy 10th: E.P.I.C. is now available on Amazon!



Epic Score – Adventure Like No Other. This was one of my favorite tracks from Epic Score. I always imagined this playing during a opening credits scene of a huge movie, and so it was with that thought in mind that helped me write the following opening to the novel:

Adventure Like No Other – Epic Score (Maarten Spruijt)


Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
7:00 A.M. PST – April 22

I refused to open my eyes to the sound of the alarm clock, which blared in my ears like a fire siren. As my left hand slammed down on the jammed snooze button, a smile slowly spread across my face. Normally, people would hate the sound that their alarms made. But mine was different, for the sound that came out of there was of a heroic nature, as if heralding the beginning, not only of a new day but a new adventure as well.
Darn it! I forgot that there was school today. After showering for two minutes, I dried off and pulled on a maroon T-shirt, jeans, and sports sneakers. Carrying just my backpack and folder, I rushed out the door saying: “Bye Mom!” not waiting to hear an answer in response.

As I got to the curb where my vehicle was parked, I realized that I had forgotten my MP3 player. I couldn’t go anywhere without that. I swung back inside and snatched it up from my dresser and headed for the car. In two minutes, and thanks to driving through traffic and over sidewalks, I found myself parked in front of John Marshall High School.

Hang in there man, you only have two and a half more months of this crap, then its summer time, I thought to myself.

The brrring of the school bell told me what time it was.

First Period, World History with the always interesting and eccentric Ms. Freiola.
It was always a whirlwind of raucousness in her class, pretty much never a dull moment if you will. She was strictly a by the book kind of person, and whether you understood the lesson or not, Ms. Freiola was known for leaving wide-eyed pupils in the dust. My grade had dropped like a rock and that was practically no hope left.

If it were not for my faithful sidekick and lifelong friend since pre-kindergarten, my goose would have been truly cooked. Sure, he could be a little crazy at times but man was he sharp as a whistle. The only thing was that he believed in conspiracy theories, such as that America was going to be taken over by some rogue elements in our government or the fact that the world was sitting on the edge of total collapse.



Full Tilt’s Melting Point was playing while I wrote the following passage from the novel. Think of suspense, tension and intrigue..



His focus was as keen as it ever could have been. He had been at it non stop from about 5 am yesterday morning and now here it was about to be midnight. Yet, he felt as if he was about to cross the finish line on his project so to speak. It wasn’t that long ago that he had been approached by yours truly to be the lead among the scientists in this rather innovative project.
At first, his initial reaction to the offer was immediate and doubtful. The long hours combined with the fact that all of his work had to be done here in this small facility first popped up as a red flag in his mind. The travel expenses would be paid of course, but he had to leave his family back in Germany. He had never even had the opportunity to bid them a proper farewell. As he worked, he could feel tears starting to well up in his eyes. It’s tough Bastian, but our family needs the money. He still remembered the sound coming from the room adjacent to his and his wife’s room. It was from their newborn two week infant.
I must do this for my wife and child, if nothing else. That way, they can get the money and have a better life in the States.
This thought alone drove fire into his hands. He worked with increased fervor and zeal. The application of silicon to the surface was nearly completed. As the surface cooled he removed his mask to examine his handiwork. It was well crafted and surely would demand the high salary that had been promised to Bastian at the beginning.
As he thought about the object was now complete, he chuckled quietly to himself. It looked so small and insignificant. If one wasn’t careful, they might mistake for a piece of metal and toss it into the trash. Yet, it wasn’t so much the size of the object as it was what was held within its small confines that would hold the greatest importance to Bastian’s supervisors.

These are just few samples of E.P.I.C., the first novel that uses trailer music as its primary catalyst. I’m eager to bring trailer music in a more concrete platform and so here we go!

You can follow this project on Facebook here.

Stay tuned!

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