Red Ochsenbein makes you an offer you can’t refuse!

With “Did I Mention Hell – Songs from the Dark Side” composer, orchestrator and arranger Red Ochsenbein from Switzerland proved last year how well hard rock elements, the sound of a huge orchestra as well as the almost obligatory choir fit together. Being a big hard rock and metal fan myself I’m pretty happy to tell you that Red Ochsenbein’s massive album is now available for free!

Today is the last day to get my album ‘Did I Mention Hell?’ for free. Grab it!

Have a listen and download it via bandcamp. Although he’s giving it away for 0$/CHF/Euro/whatever I bet he’s throwing a party for every Dollar you donate.

It’s entirely composed, mixed and mastered by Red Ochsenbein and features Stefan Schroff (guitars) and Flavio Mezzodi (drums). The artwork has been created by composer and designer Ryo Ishido:


Because there’s always somebody who doesn’t know how to download free albums from Bandcamp simply, here’s a description for everyone.


How to download Red Ochsenbein’s “Did I Mention Hell” from Bandcamp for free.

You’ll find more about Red Ochsenbein composer for movies, commercials and games on his website, Facebook and on Twitter.

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