Estonian Video Editor Rain Ventsel did another great job promoting Ethos Music. No words are needed to describe it. Just watch it.

Here’s which movies are part of the montage in chronological order:

Rain Ventsel making of Ethos music promo montage

A making-of picture from Rain Ventsel’s Facebook page.

After Earth
Star Trek
Star Trek: Into The Darkness
Total Recall
The Day The Earth Stood Still
Transformers : Dark of the Moon
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Battle Los Angeles
Terminator Salvation
Snow White and the Huntsman
Pacific Rim
Man Of Steel
Cloud Atlas

The wide range of London based composer Sean Redmond’s tracks enabled the maybe most varied montage Rain Ventsel has created so far. The symbiosis between images and music is remarkable. The transisitions and cuts may be called perfect, there’s no boring or overloaded second in it. Make sure to check out Ethos Music‘s Film Score and Trailer Music setlist on Soundcloud.

Singer Songwriter Sean Redmond is not only the composer behind Ethos Music but also founder of Sync & Swim where he focusses on bespoken composition TV, Film and Online Media rather than Film Scores and Trailer Music.

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