We got some exciting news for you. You’ll read about Immediate Music and Yoav Goren, the pioneer of epic music, so it’s no wonder that there’s an epic story behind the news. Believe the story or not – the facts at the end are as true as trailers are empty without music.

Turn on your speakers now, press play and experience yourself how it all happened:

It took a while until we finally translated the paper. Of course it was written in Latin. There are even rumours about the requirement to speak Latin fluently for having a chance of getting on board at Immediate Music. In a silent corner at the airport just between to business flights Yoav Goren’s manager of epicness, Uwe van Straten, handed it over. We promised not to look at him and he disappeared just as fast and silently as he had appeared. No one of us was able to speak at first. We noticed that we all hold the envelope together. No one wanted to give it away. No one wanted to break the silence. If there would excist a smell of epicness it would definitely had been in the air. We stood there and stared at the secret document in our hands. Then at each other. Then back at the envelope. Wondering, pretty nervous and somehow stunned by the force of epicness that was around. Some of us also remember a choir singing in the background, an orchestra playing when he gave us the letter. Only for a few seconds.

When we tried to open the envelope we noticed that we couldn’t. Awesome. So much epicness in the air and we had to go back to our homes left in thoughts about the almighty key to the message. When we came back together we sat there listening to Immediate Music’s Trailerhead series, just hoping to get a small hint about a secret key. Since we had left the airport every one of us had a dozen of ideas about how to open it. Of course we started with the sharpest letter opener we could get. Nothing. Knives, saws, even a jack-hammer. Nothing worked. Sitting there, getting more and more desperate the minutes passed by. The first Trailerhead album already left behind us, Trailerhead: Saga started. Hymnus Orbis began.

We suddenly felt the ground shaking. Then. Nothing. All became silent. But still something had changed. We took a closer look at the envolope and discovered a tiny bit of a crack. When we looked at our watches accidently we noticed that the time stood still. Then the drums of Glory Seeker started.

We couldn’t move. The hands of our watches couldn’t. But the music never stopped. The envelope began to shake, At first it only was a small trembling, then it bounced up and down when suddenly… a big wave of pure energy… let explode the envelope. We noticed that Libertas had finished at this time.

There wasn’t a piece of paper anymore in front of us. The energy had created an entire vision of what will come to Europe in 2014. Thousands of people cheering and shouting to a huge orchestra. To a bombastic choir. The sound of 20 years of epicness. It was too mindblowing to remember everthing about it so luckily the facts were written down on the paper reappearing directly after the vision had left the room again. For not telling you lies about the upcoming events due to our blown away minds we had to find a guy translating the Latin letter for us. Passing a church the other day we wondered if a choirmaster these days still knows the language of still so many sung songs. He could. He could tell us why Libertas was the final key: Libertas in Latin means “freedom”, “liberty” and also “permission”. So we had the permission to experience first what will happen next year.

Here’s now what we can and must tell you about it for sure:

  • To everyone wondering what happened to the plans of the tour in 2013: Everything was settled, then the biggest supporter and organiser behind it jumped off in the last minute – only because of the thought that not enough people would actually pay to see Immediate Music live in Europe. So everything had to be cancelled. [More about it below]
  • Immediate Music will start their tour in August 2014 at a film festival in Austria. The festival will be so big that even actors from Hollywood will be there. More about the festival must not be said here.
  • Afterwards there will be many concerts in Germany and Switzerland as well.
  • This year already, Yoav Goren, the pioneer of epic music, will be at SoundTrack Cologne to make sure that it will definitely happen this time. Since 2004 Soundtrack Cologne is Europe’s biggest convention for film music.
  • There are plans about a concert in Poland at the Transatlantyk Film and Music Festival in 2014 as well.
  • There’s something in the air which will be even bigger than all that. But that’s another thing which must not be told here.

Let’s make double sure that all this will finally happen next year. Let’s tell everyone how badly we want Immediate Music here in Europe. Let’s unite and show the world that no one will ever again hold back epic music: Bring Immediate Music to Europe!

If you want to have the chance to meet Yoav Goren this year already, make sure to get a ticket for SoundTrack Cologne. Start spreading the word now and make sure to follow our news as well as the news on Immediate Music’s official Facebook page!

Posted by Peter F. Ebbinghaus

Based in Berlin, Germany. Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief. Music Producer at Eon Sounds Productions. Founder of Composers for Relief. Keeps Moving.

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Leighton Williams


The Pioneer Of Epic Music
The Pioneer Of Epic Music

The trailerhead albums sucked. The original tracks were much better.

Ilyas Butt

Trailerhead tracks are original my friend.

Zbyněk Novotný

I’ll be attending, that’s for damn sure!


Woah immediate concert in Poland? I can’t wait for it


What about France or Belgium ?