On July 17th Michael Riske and Christopher Kus the composers behind Synthphonia will release their new album called Uncharted.  So far I can only tell you that there’s again something pretty imaginative in the air! Focussing on action and “epic” elements Michael Riske and Christopher Kus combine in their second album after Sky Pillar again electronic and orchestral elements. Also piano cues and dubstep elements complete it together with the amazing voice of singer and violin player Monika Emat. The lyrics are written in a self-made fantasy language and you’ll read and hear more about it as soon as the album is published here on our site.

Listen now exclusively to Asylum wisely chosen by us to represent the album and read the lyrics as well as what composer Christopher Kus told us about it:

UncharteD is more thematic than Sky Pillar. We are trying something new. I love songs like Friendship to last (2SFH) or some Globus songs, that’s why i made Step Behind and Asylum.


The futuristic artwork is again done by Rob Hassan.

sun elei alemei ina ina umesei,
sun elei atemi koma lei teferi ian.

lea mei ilea mei ina ina umesei,
sun tesei atemei koma lei teferi ian

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