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More and more Trailer Music tracks are released to the public. Two Steps From Hell, Immediate Music and now also audiomachine again released a new piece of their incredibly emotional catalogue to the public. Recently featured in “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” and “How to Train Your Dragon 2” it was indeed a good time to release a new album:

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

It also really was about time to write something about Tree of Life. Before we start, purchase it or have a listen to the previews on CDBaby, Amazon (MP3/CD) or ITunes. An amount of it will be donated to Los Angeles Youth Orchestra. For everyone living in a country where spotify isn’t available, we collected each song of the new album which has been uploaded so far by audiomachine on Youtube. For everyone else: Have a listen now to Tree of Life in it’s entire beauty – created by the composers Paul Dinletir, Jeff MarshKevin RixJohn A. GravesSteffan Michael Koch and Danail Getz.

Tree of Life has been released as a 26 (+3 Bonus-)tracks and one hour long collection of all the “uplifting, inspirational songs” being responsible for a bunch of emotions we felt within the last years sitting in the cinema. For example Equinox and The New World  should be well known from the worldwide “Argo” and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” campains. In ITunes you’ll find it in the category “Soundtracks”. Maybe it’s because it feels like the perfect soundtrack for an incredibly beautiful, somehow enchanted life. Tree of Life brings together all the emotions everyone would like to experience every day and I would say that it is in fact what makes everyone’s life so unique: The constant struggle between uplifting events, friends and family holding you back on the ground and even the loss of important parts of your everyday life.

Tree of Life is not what people would expect when they hear a phrase like “Trailer Music.” It is indeed condensed emotions as always. You get inside a specific feeling within seconds as you always should when a Trailer Music composer knows his handcraft. But Tree of Life is not about taking part in the tournament of volume as it sometimes feels when you listen to Trailer Music albums these days. Audiomachine focusses on the small things in life which suprise you every day. “Uplifting” and “inspirational” in Tree of Life means that you feel it deep inside. You carry it with you. You show it to your friends like a tiny thought that makes you smile and letting you no other choice than telling it the persons close to you. Tree of Life branches out on one side and on the other it doesn’t hide the sky with its ever growing branches of happiness. The slowly moving branches catch you, lift you up until you see the sun breaking through the clouds.

Picking favorite tracks from the album feels like ripping out one of the branches. Two favorites appeared though: The Truth and Age of Innocence are different to the other tracks.
The Truth is somehow destructive. It drags you down, doesn’t have the pure sound of “epic” beauty. It shows you how everyone’s imcomplete. How life is about living with the past everyone’s experienced. Old memories, pain, even agony. Although it’s only part of the rest of your life. Rest of Tree of Life which will always drop you a sign from time to time, so that you can move on. That you can rise again and empower other people with you. The Truth really is what is true about our life: Tough experiences make us human, let us stumble but never fall if we got a network of kind, bright shining persons catching us every time like a net of branches in an ever growing tree.
The usage of the choir in Age of Innocence reminds you instantly about a gathering of heavenly or at least non-earthly appearances. It’s about a power hard to describe. Coming deep from your soul. Reaching the bottom of your heart, stopping your heartbeat to let you step aside in your life. Having a look from the outside. Finding a specific leaf you didn’t notice so far. A leaf that fell down silenty. You feel now that it changed something in your life like the beat of a butterfly’s wing. You feel releaved and as if you finally found the right way to move on. You don’t know how long you stood there, starring at the leaf until it flies away on the wings of the wind. But it doesn’t matter. That’s all what matters.

Having written now a tiny bit about the core of Tree of Life  it’s time to introduce you to the writing contest audiomachine started this week. It will take epic writing to a new level: Until August 9th 26 authors together will have written a story based on the entire album. You can read it from the start here. With each comment you make you have a chance to win a signed copy of Tree of Life so don’t hesitate reading it and sending them your feedback. But I must warn you: The authors are wizards of their kind. You won’t stop reading but you have to. Each hour between the episodes will feel like torture from there on, so you better be prepared. In the darkest hours of torture you know what you have to do: Listen to Tree of Life.

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