Grady Klein feat. Simeon Harris – Exertus

Middle of May we started our initiative Composers Help Composers (CHC) to get together all the great composers on earth to help each other out. Besides all the new connections between the composers here’s now the first track as a result of the successful colleboration of two composers. Composer Grady Klein told us that end of July he just mentioned in the private facebook group of Composers Help Composers that he would love to add “some rather heavy distortion guitar” riffs.

Guitarist, Sound Designer and composer Simeon Harris had just joined the group and directly stood up to refine Exertus. But all the more Grady told us how much Simeon helped him out in this 30 hour session to upgrade his way of composing in general. That’s where Simeon’s other profession as a teacher maybe shines through.

Exertus by the way shows as well that it all was a big but as it seems now very satisfying “test” and a “try” to reach new horizons in Grady’s compositions. Besides the Latin origin the title is based on Grady Klein’s passion for eSports.  Because this all was a big test we’re eager to hear what you guys think about it!

The cover and Youtube image is created by leventep on DeviantArt.

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