Immediate Music has always been eager to keep everything about them as secret and mysterious as possible. Getting closer to the live tour in 2014 (make sure to support it via liking “Bring Immediate Music to Europe“), Immediate Music is now finally pretty busy feeding their fans with music, videos and news in general. Because we find it pretty awesome to hear more about the oldest Trailer Music company in the world almost every day now, this post will sum up what happened within the last weeks showing you what awaits you in the future as well. The embedded playlists will be always up-to-date.

Immediate Music celebrate’s 20th anniversary with Trailer Music flashbacks

Due to their 20th anniversary this year Immediate Music will upload “flashbacks with videos and music from trailers through the years”. Here are the first uploads in a playlist consisting of trailers for Terminal Velocity, Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale, Blue Chips, The Sum of Us and Death and the Maiden. Pretty retro stuff indeed!

Each Friday you’ll also be able to listen to four new classics of Immediate Music’s library: The Friday Fourpack. Last Friday starting with Dark ThoughtsSpiritus ElektrosSoulMates and The Breach.

Immediate Music teams up with The Secession for DARK HERO: UPRISING

There’s also a free download available! We made this War composed by Greg Dombrowski, Yoav Goren, and Jeffrey Fayman. You will find We made this war will on Immediate Music’s upcoming Epic Drama and Action release DARK HERO: UPRISING which should be the reason for their “new” logo. You can download We made this War here for free after liking Immediate Music’s Facebook Page. The download folder is called “August Monthly Download” so it seems as if we get more free downloads in the future!

More tracks from the album will be uploaded on Youtube soon! Here’s DARK HERO: UPRISING’s setlist:

Dark Hero: Uprising - New album bei Immediate Music emerging

Dark Hero: Uprising – New album bei Immediate Music emerging

Prepare For The Knight
True Avenger
While The City Sleeps
We Made This War
The Path I Have Chosen
Time To Die
Welcome To The Grid
Before The Cape
Underworld Army
These Are Dark Times
Iron Shield
I Am Mecha Man
The Cost Of Virtue
Only Two Survive

Greg Dombrowski being the Creator, Composer, Sound Designer and Songwriter of The Secession we will probably hear more collaborations of those to amazing companies. Let’s see what the future holds!

Immediate Music invites you to join the Fandom Zone

Every month Immediate Music will also present a new playlist of their favorite fan videos. You’ll find them in the Fandom Zone of their Youtube channel and may submit the videos for example on their Facebook Page. It includes also a “Private Bradley Manning Verdict” which has even been featured on Yoav Goren’s private Facebook Page with the following words showing again how badly he wants turning this world into a better place every day with his music:

My small contribution to protest the very troubling trend of pursuing and silencing whistleblowers by our government:

When you check out the channel behind it (Epic News Center) you’ll see that every video uses Immediate’s tracks. Who knows if that egain means something bigger? Anyways make sure to follow Immediate Music on their websiteFacebook and of course Youtube for the latest news!

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