It doesn’t happen often that you listen to specific tracks which had almost blown your mind in cinema. The Beast Below is one of those. It has almost been used in the trailer campaign for Pacific Rim and only blows your headphones and speakers now.

There’s another great thing about it: It has been the first cooperation fom scratch between two really talented composers: Devesh Sodha aka DeVso Music and Ryan Taubert. Ryan Taubert has already worked for Immediate Music and so Devesh Sodha was pretty happy about having him on board.

Devesh Sodha told us how it all happened and how close they got on having their track featured in the campaign. All the more you’ll also read about an upcoming album!

I messaged Ryan many years ago to get an opinion on one of my tracks Hell Breaker which was early 2010. I asked him as he was a very big inspiration to me and I loved his work. I hadn’t really spoken to him a lot. It was only really that one time and then this year around the beginning of June and he wanted to collaborate and wanted some help on a track he had done. Ryan being such a big inspiration to me and has made quite a name for himself I jumped at the opportunity and helped on the track Universe X [Note: Track #7 in the playlist above] which I just added a little bit to it. I did about 15%-20%, if that.

After doing this track we wanted to make one together from scratch. So we planned to make one but didn’t know when we would. A couple of days after I was inspired by the early trailers of Pacific Rim, so I made a track that I felt would be awesome to be for one of their trailer, and as I was making it I thought it would be a good track for me and Ryan to work on our first “official” collaboration.

So we worked on it for a good month I believe and ended up with this amazing track and sent it straight off to my contacts in Hollywood. They said it was a shame we didn’t get it to them earlier for the Pacific Rim pitches which we were both gutted about!! If we were probably a week or so earlier we would have at least had our track pitched for the trailer.

Since we felt like this was a great track we are looking into making a new sound together for the trailer world and hopefully make an album by the end of the year.

Make also sure to check out Devesh Sodha’s other tracks on soundcloud and Youtube, follow him on Twitter and to like his page on Facebook. Everything about Ryan Taubert you’ll find on his website.

You’ll find the cover image here.

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