Many of you asked us what has happend to the pioneer of epic music on youtube: the first park0urfreak channel was down. Responsible for official uploads as big as Immediate Music’s The Day is At Hand it indeed was mysterious why it has been banned. So far we couldn’t give you more information than that admin Kevin Mantey had told us that it seems as if it is down because of copyright issues but no one really was sure about it.

Now it’s back online – empty but with a message on his second channel (you find the entire text message quoted and the used track below the video). There will also be a new intro for each song made by Koke Nunez Gomez. We’ll keep you updated if we hear more about it.

Friends, as you all know, my channel my channel Trailer Music World/park0urfreak was terminated by Youtube earlier this year, in june.

At first I thought it was because of a bogus complaint on one of my videos. But after I sent them proof that I was not violating any copyright rules, they retracted the complaint and my channel was clean again.

Even after that, they refused to put the channel back, saying that I was in violation of “Community Guidelines”.

I have read the community guidelines ( over a dozen times, and found that I am NOT in violation of any of the guidelines.

I have informed Youtube of this over and over again, but they have chosen to ignore me.

I have finally given up, and decided to start a new channel.

So here it is:


Maybe one of you guys has an idea about why Youtube still refused to put it back online? Send us a message if you got an idea and make also sure to like Trailer Music World on Facebook.


The track Phelicitas used in the video is composed by Michael Maas. You’ll find it on his new album Illumination and the track on its own can be purchased here.

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